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October 2018 – Athlete’s Foot: Not Just for Athletes!

September 2018 – Is There a Fungus Among Us? Shoe Grody Toenails the Door!

August 2018 – The Structure of Your Toes is Important Too!

July 2018 – Foot Care Matters for Those Who Matter Most – Your Kids!

June 2018 – Don’t Give Up Running! Avoid Common Injuries Instead!

May 2018 – Stop Sports Injuries in Their Tracks!

April 2018 – Actual Treatment — Not Just Covering a Foot Problem

March 2018 – Spring Cleaning — For Your Feet!

February 2018 – Bunions, Hammertoe, Mallet Toes, and Claw Toes — Recognizing Toe Deformities

January 2018 – Faster Healing So You Can Get Back to Your New Year’s Resolutions!

December 2017 – Better Foot Care in 2018

November 2017 – Diligent Diabetes Awareness

October 2017 – Athlete’s Foot Isn’t Only for Athletes.

September 2017 – Helpful Hints to Keep Heels Happy.

August 2017 – Are your dogs barking during these dog days of Summer?

July 2017 – Learn how to spot a sports injury, and how to protect kids from getting hurt in the first place! Read this issue to keep kids’ feet safe this Summer.

June 2017 – The first step in knowing whether you need treatment for flat feet, is determining if you truly are flat-footed. We’ll introduce the Wet Test and explain treatment options.

May 2017 – It’s spring and that means fungus is lurking everywhere — from wet shoes to locker room floors! It’s easy to pick up a fungal infection this time of year, but luckily this month’s edition shares tips on how to avoid the fungus among us, as well as info on how to treat it with our ClearANail procedure. So, check out our May issue today to stay fungi-free this spring!

April 2017 – If you’re looking for some added comfort and a little support, over the counter inserts might be all that you need! Learn mroe about why custom orthotics are more than simply a “one size fits all.”

March 2017 – Bunion pain got you down? Try out the helpful stretching exercises inside this month’s newsletter! By incorporating these stretches into your day, you can reduce painful symptoms, slow progression of your bunion, and get back to doing the things you enjoy without that bulging bump bothering you! Check out this issue today so you can feel better tomorrow, and beyond.

February 2017 – Not all heel pain is created equal. You can get a better idea of what’s causing it based on when it happens. First thing in the morning? After exercise? Or maybe you’re just in your teens? That may have a lot to do with it! Find out all about the causes of heel pain and what you can do to combat it in our February newsletter.

January 2017 – Make sure your New Year is a happy and healthy one by checking out our first edition of 2017! Inside you’ll find plenty of plantar fasciitis prevention tips to keep your heels happy and pain-free. There’s also easy access to more information on our website as well as links to order our free books. Start the New Year with a great read!

December 2016 – It’s the holiday season, but there’s nothing festive about toenail fungus! So, be sure to read this month’s issue to find out all the ways you can get fungal toenails – some ways may even surprise you! There are also links to free books and more info, including how our laser therapy can stop fungus in its tracks. Be sure to check it out soon!

November 2016 – Certain foods can lead to gout attacks, so with holiday gatherings in full swing, it’s the perfect time to read our November newsletter! Inside this edition, you’ll learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of gout so you know what to expect and do. You’ll also find links to our blogs, free books, and more. Stay healthy this holiday season – read this issue today!

October 2016 – Your heels get enough abuse without you throwing any other mistreatment their way. In our October newsletter, learn about 5 ways in which you’re hurting your body and what you can do about it. While you’re at it, follow our links to free resources like our books on foot care and heel pain, and our blog, too!

September 2016 – Your Achilles is the strongest tendon in your body, but despite its durability, it can still get irritated and inflamed. Find out what’s behind Achilles tendinitis inside this month’s issue. You’ll also find a link to order our free heel pain book, which might come in handy as an aching Achilles can be associated with heel pain, too.

August 2016 – Arthritis can attack you from the feet up, and you don’t really want to be dogging it during the dog days of summer. Make sure that’s an expression you don’t have to live with by reading tips and tricks to stay limber and active in our August 2016 newsletter.

July 2016 – Everyone knows that regular exercise keeps you healthy, but did you know that it even helps your feet? Check out all the of ways exercise benefits your feet and ankles inside this month’s newsletter. While you’re at it, feel free to visit the links to our blogs and free books too!

June 2016 – Poor circulation can impede the healing process, endanger diabetic feet, and result in a host of other complications. It’s important to know the signs of poor blood flow so you can treat the condition at the onset and avoid problems down the road. Check out our latest newsletter to learn what symptoms to watch for, as well as how to find other helpful information on our website.

May 2016 – Renew your hope in fully recovering from foot ulcers with EpiFix® treatment, described in full detail in our latest newsletter. And if you’re looking for a talking point next time you visit, ask Dr. Pandya about DERMfoot 2016, which he recently attended to keep up on the latest innovations in foot and ankle skin care!

April 2016 – Don’t let the itching and burning of athlete’s foot interfere with your spring fun! Check out this edition for helpful prevention tips to avoid athlete’s foot and the discomforts it causes. You’ll also be able to take a sneak peek at our new office in Clifton Park, plus find out how to order free books, read up on our blogs, and more. Be sure to read this issue today!

March 2016 – Inside this issue, learn all about common children’s foot conditions, from Sever’s disease and warts to ingrown toenails and flat feet. Knowing the signs of these conditions allows you to seek treatment early and that goes a long way toward keeping kids’ feet active, healthy, happy, and strong. So parents especially, check out the March newsletter A.S.A.P.!

February 2016 – If you made a resolution to get more active, but high arch pain is getting in the way, this issue of our newsletter is a must-read for you! Learn about treatment options to help with high arch problems, and follow links to find out even more on our website. You can make an appointment, get directions to our new place, or order free books, too, so be sure not to miss our February edition.

January 2016 – Winter weather and dry, indoor air can wreak havoc on your skin, right down to your feet! Don’t let your heels get dry and cracked, causing pain and inviting infection. Follow the simple steps inside our latest newsletter to keep your feet soft and moisturized all winter long. You can also find links to blogs, order forms for our free books, and more! Check it out today.

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