Ball of Foot Pain FAQs

Q) Can I prevent metatarsalgia?

A) Metatarsalgia is inflammation in the ball of your foot and is a common overuse injury among athletes in high-impact sports such as football, baseball, basketball, tennis and soccer. There are ways, however, to prevent this type of injury. First, if you are involved in sports, monitor your training and make any changes in the duration or intensity of your activities gradually. Second, choose appropriate shoes that fit your foot type and have adequate support and cushioning. Shoes with a wide toe box and a rocker bottom sole that evenly distributes weight across the bottom of your foot are helpful to avoid ball of foot pain. Lastly, custom orthotic inserts can prevent metatarsalgia by providing extra stability and support for your feet.

Another great way to prevent problems is to treat symptoms as soon as they start. Avoid this condition by contacting Capital District Podiatry at the first sign of pain in the ball of your foot. Make an appointment with Dr. Tejas Pandya by calling our Troy, NY office at (518) 273-0053.

Q) Why does the front part of my toe hurt?

A) We don’t often think about our toes until their discomfort prevents us from doing what we want or even need to do. Any kind of pain is never normal and it is an indication that something is wrong. If your toe is hurting, there are numerous causes for your discomfort.

If you have corns, hammer, or mallet toes, the front part of your foot could be in pain from rubbing against your shoes or squeezing into shoes that are too tight for you.Another cause involves two little bones you can’t see in the ball of your foot underneath the base of your big toe. They are called sesamoids and the injury is referred to as sesamoiditis. If these bones fracture or if the surrounding tissues become irritated and inflamed, it may hurt when you try to move your biggest dig it up and down.

We can find the exact reason for your pain and provide the treatment you need to get back on your feet and feeling great. Contact Dr. Tejas Pandya at our office in Troy, NY, by calling (518) 273-0053 for an appointment today.


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