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Making Healthy Diet Choices for Diabetic Feet

If you’re relatively healthy, your dietary choices are instrumental in helping you to maintain—and perhaps even improve—your health. If you have diabetes, though, those dietary choices are absolutely essential for reducing your risk of serious medical issues. Even...

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Avoid Heel Pain While Hiking

Running a marathon is a nice goal for some people, but there are many of us who would be content and benefit from just being more active on a regular basis. If this is something you're interested in doing, you might want to consider engaging in one of the more...

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Cross-Train to Lower Sports Injury Risk

  No matter what your favorite physical activities might be, here’s something that holds true: We want you to stay safe and healthy while you do them! Sure, you’re always welcome to come see us for professional foot care if you need it—but we’d much...

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Keeping Feet and Ankles Safe in Soccer

Whereas it might not have the same level of fandom as in other areas of the world or popularity of other major sports, soccer is still fairly popular in the U.S.—and especially amongst the 3 million kids who play youth soccer. Actually, though, the sport’s...

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How to Take Care of Your Kiddos’ Feet!

No matter who they are or where they live, all parents in the world definitely want two things—for their children to be healthy and happy. The odds are pretty decent you don’t give this much thought, but a child’s feet are actually key elements in both health and...

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What is Turf Toe (And How Can You Prevent It)?

The NFL preseason has been going for a couple of weeks now, which means we aren’t terribly far off from the regular season. When it kicks off, you can root for your favorite team—no matter if you support the Bills, Jets, or any other franchise—and hope your favorite...

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Our Top 10 Foot Care Tips

Your feet carry you everywhere you want to go and are intended to last a lifetime. The fact of the matter, though, is that your lower limbs aren’t completely maintenance-free. Of course, the good news is that most foot care and maintenance is actually pretty easy....

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Why Children’s Foot Care is Important

We don’t really want to compare your beloved child to a car, but… well, here we go! Cars have a great smell when new. So do babies! You change the oil of one; the diapers of the other. You get very protective against dings and dents for either. But most importantly,...

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