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Winter Foot Care

You may be tempted to neglect your feet during the colder months. As the saying goes, after all, “out of sight, out of mind.” But just because they are hidden away in your new pair of boots, doesn’t mean you should ignore your feet once the temperature drops. It is...

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Diabetes and Heel Pain

The fact that diabetes causes and contributes to serious foot issues has been well-established within the medical field. When people talk about diabetes in conjunction with foot health, the two big issues frequently discussed are Charcot foot and diabetic foot ulcers....

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Diabetic Foot Health

Diabetes, an autoimmune disease that affects millions of Americans, poses special risks to your feet. The condition slows your circulation and damages your nerves, especially in feet and toes far from your head and central nervous system. This double whammy not only...

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Protecting Feet from Fungus Infected Shoes

Your shoes are supposed to protect your feet, but sometimes you have to protect your feet from the shoes – particularly when it comes to preventing fungal infections! Fungal infections are, unfortunately, rather common. One of the key reasons for this is the simple...

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Spotting Signs of Athlete’s Foot

In spite of the name, athlete’s foot is not a condition that only happens to athletes or as a result of athletic participation. Instead, this is a common fungal infection that usually develops between your toes—areas which often create a hospitable environment for the...

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