Foot Health Resolutions for 2018

by | Dec 21, 2017

If you’ve started working on your resolutions for the upcoming New Year’s holiday, we hope you aren’t forgetting about your feet!

Of course, we know it’s easy to take our feet for granted. They do so much for us and the only time we tend to think about them is when there’s a problem. Since it’s just better not to have a problem in the first place, you may want to spend a little time thinking about resolutions for better foot care in 2018.

Sure, it might seem lame to make resolutions for foot care, but take just a moment right now and think about what life would be like without your feet:

  • No driving – you couldn’t operate gas and brake pedals.
  • No cycling – you use your feet to push down on the pedals.
  • No running or jumping – which means your sporting options become very limited.
  • No walking – this is all starting to add up now, isn’t it?
  • No standing – our feet help with mobility, but they also enable us to stand in the first place.

Clearly, our feet are very important. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some resolutions you can follow—including some you might be planning on already—to help keep your feet feeling and functioning their very best.

  • Exercise on a regular basis. Our modern lives are busy…but not so busy we can’t find half an hour three or four times a week to elevate our heartrate! Listen, you don’t have to run marathons or spend all day in the gym for optimal health – just a simple walk on your lunch break a couple of times during the week makes a big difference (including for your feet).
  • Eat well. Make sure your feet receive the nutrients they need for strong tissues by eating a diet consisting of healthy food choices. That said, don’t “go on a diet.” Used in that context, a “diet” is a limited eating pattern that often follows some fad. Instead, practice good portion control and eat plenty of whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies, low-fat dairy products, legumes (beans, nuts, etc.), and lean proteins. Limit the amount of sugar you consume (cutting out soda makes a huge difference!). Stick to these guidelines and you will see results over time.
  • Lose weight. The more you weigh, the more physical force your feet have to endure. Now, if you follow the previous two resolutions during the year, you will find this one will simply happen naturally!
  • Get plenty of sleep at night. Hey, your feet work hard all day long for you. When you sleep, the fatigued and damaged tissues repair themselves and recharge for the next day. If you don’t get enough sleep, they don’t have enough opportunity to fully recover. Further, lack of sleep messes with your hormones.
  • Wear proper shoes. Save the high-heeled shoes for special occasions and stick to sensible models that are actually comfortable for the majority of the time. When buying shoes, you want room in the front—toes should be able to wiggle—and solid arch support. If you have any questions as to which shoes are best for your unique feet, ask us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Following those resolutions is a great starting point for optimal foot health and function. Another one to add, though, is to come see us if you ever develop pain in a foot or ankle. When this happens, it’s your body’s way of letting you know there’s a problem.

Fortunately, we have an outstanding track record for resolving those kinds of problems for our patients!

Don’t let foot or ankle pain keep you from enjoying your favorite activities—or making necessary ones a miserable experience—instead, contact Capital District Podiatry and request your appointment! Call us today at (518) 273-0053 and one of our team members will be happy to help.

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