You Could Get Athlete’s Foot Too

by | Sep 1, 2017

If you prefer watching sports from the bleachers or the couch over actually participating in them, you’re certainly less at risk for sustaining a sports injury (unless you fall from where you’re seated!); however, you are not exempt from the possibility of getting athlete’s foot!

Don’t let the name of this condition fool you. It originates from the fact that athletes often have sweaty feet and frequent locker rooms – the perfect environments for the fungi that cause the red, itchy rash to appear – but there are other risk factors of athlete’s foot, too!

Regardless of whether or not you play sports, your chances increase if you are male, have a history of fungal infections, or have a compromised immune system due to a condition like diabetes. In addition, the older you get, the more susceptible to athlete’s foot you become.

Other ways you increase your risk of athlete’s foot include:

  • Not changing out of sweaty socks and shoes.
  • Sharing footwear or towels with others who may be infected.
  • Wearing shoes that are too snug and not made of breathable materials.
  • Being in water for an excessive amount of time, like taking too long of showers, or wading in a pool all day.
  • Using public changing rooms, restrooms, or showers without wearing shower shoes.
  • Having a minor skin or toenail injury – an open invitation for fungal infections to enter!

Clearly, some risk factors you can’t control, but others can be addressed by taking a few simple precautions. Keep these risk factors in mind, take necessary steps to reduce them, and your chances of getting athlete’s foot will definitely decrease!

If you do notice a red, itchy rash that often starts between the toes, call us and we’ll get you on a treatment plan to rid you of the rash as soon as possible. You can reach our Troy or Clifton Park, NY office by calling (518) 273-0053, and our team will be happy to help!

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