Methods to Prevent Heel Pain in the Morning

by | Aug 28, 2017

If you wake up yelling louder than your alarm because your first step provides a sharp pain in your heel, welcome to the plantar fasciitis club! Members are known for early morning outbursts. That’s because your damaged plantar fascia – the band of tissues that connects your toes to your heel bone – has been resting just like you. Then, with that first step, you suddenly stretch the tissues and remind them that they’re injured.  Obviously, they have no problem reminding you, too!

So how can you wake up peacefully if you are dealing with this overuse injury that is at its worst after rest? Here are some options for treating heel pain from plantar fasciitis:

Stretch it Out. Before you hop out of bed, gently pull your toes toward you, or loop you sheet under your foot and pull the ends. After you’re up and about, pain will subside, but it will return. Stave off discomfort by continuing stretches throughout the day, like standing on the edge of a step and dropping heels down off the edge, or extending your foot straight back and pressing your heel to the floor.

Rest. Although this sounds like the last thing you want to do if your heel is going to hurt afterward, resting your injury will give it the time it needs to heal. Refrain from activity or go for a swim for a low-impact option.

Ice. Here’s a great trick: freeze a water bottle, then roll your arch back and forth over top of it.

Use Heel Pads or Orthotics in Your Shoes. These can provide extra cushion as well as disperse pressure away from your heel.

Ask Us About Regenerative Medicine. We offer several innovative treatment options, including Amniofix and Platelet-Rich Plasma injections which use concentrated amounts of your body’s natural growth factors to accelerate healing and encourage cellular repair and regrowth within the damaged tissues. Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment is another approach that uses energy waves to stimulate healing and reduce swelling and pain.

Order Our Free Book. This is an easy one! Just fill out the form on our website, and you’ll receive a free book called, Stop Heel Pain. It’s full of tips and information to help keep your heels healthy.

Do all this, and you and your heels will be waking up happy and ready for a great day! If you need help with your plantar fasciitis pain or want to find out more, dial (518) 273-0053 to reach us in either Clifton Park or Troy, NY, and we’ll help you put your heel pain in the morning to rest!

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