Protect Your Feet from Locker Room Fungi

by | Sep 8, 2017

With fall sports under way, and the change in weather moving fitness routines inside instead of out, gym locker rooms are popular places this time of year. Hope you packed your shower shoes! With people coming and going, showers spraying, and wet towels laying around, you’d be surprised at what’s lingering and lurking on those locker room floors! People aren’t the only ones frequenting the gym — fungi love to hang out in damp environments, and locker room floors definitely fit the bill.

All it takes is a small abrasion – a scratch, broken blister, tiny cut, or tear near the toenail – and fungus can enter the skin and start setting up camp. That’s why going barefoot is inviting trouble. You could walk in an area someone with a fungal infection just was, accidentally step on a towel fungus has spread to, or borrow contaminated socks because you forgot yours at home. Keep a pair of shower shoes in your gym bag at all times to protect your feet from fungi lingering all around you!

If you’ve already took a stroll through the locker room without your shoes, watch for signs of a fungal infection so you can catch it early and treat it right away. Athlete’s foot often begins with a red, itchy rash between the toes. The first signs of toenail fungus usually include yellow or white spots or streaks that show up on your nails. If you notice these initial symptoms, call us to get the help you need and stop the fungal infection from spreading and getting worse. Dial (518) 273-0053 to contact either of our offices in Troy or Clifton Park, NY, and remember: look out for what’s lurking on those locker room floors!

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