Protecting Feet from Fungus Infected Shoes

by | Sep 27, 2017

There is a Fungus Among Us

Your shoes are supposed to protect your feet, but sometimes you have to protect your feet from the shoes – particularly when it comes to preventing fungal infections!

Fungal infections are, unfortunately, rather common. One of the key reasons for this is the simple fact there is a fungus among us. By that, we mean fungal spores—which are microscopic (we don’t even see them)—are all around. It’s hard to avoid these tiny organism, which means it is important to take measures to reduce our risk of developing an infection, and especially by protecting your feet from fungus infected shoes.

When it comes to fungal infections in the lower limbs, there are two main conditions that need to be treated: fungal toenails and athlete’s foot.

Fungal toenails are embarrassing, stubborn infections. No one wants to look down and see unsightly nails that are discolored and distorted. Sure, you can come see us here at Capital District Podiatry for effective toenail fungus treatment, but we’re pretty sure you’d rather avoid the problem altogether.

A case of athlete’s foot might not be as stubborn to treat as fungal nails, but this fungal infection is irritating. It causes itching and burning sensations, and will spread across the entire foot when left untreated. You can purchase off-the-shelf treatments for athlete’s foot that work pretty well, or you can take measures to prevent this infection from happening in the first place.

With regards to lowering your risk for toenail fungus and athlete’s foot, one of the first places to look at is with your shoes.

Fungi need warm, damp environments to survive, but do not need sunlight. This means shoes and socks can harbor these microorganisms and put your feet at risk for infection. To best protect your feet from infected shoes, you need to make sure your footwear is as dry as possible. You can start your proactive defense against fungal infections by choosing shoes made from breathable materials and socks that wick moisture away.

Beyond picking out the proper socks and shoes in the first place, you can further protect your feet by spraying the insides of your shoes with antifungal spray (or sprinkling antifungal powder in them) every night. You can pick up these products at the store.

Since dryness matters, you may want to consider alternating between two pairs of shoes every other day. Doing so gives each pair 24 hours to dry out before you put them on again. This helps deprive those ever-present fungal spores of the moisture they so desperately need.

Now, in the event you already have fungal toenails or a stubborn case of athlete’s foot, there’s no need to worry – Capital District Podiatry can help! We provide comprehensive foot and ankle care, including professional treatment for problems caused by fungus. Call us today for your appointment by dialing (518) 273-0053. We will be glad to help!

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