Bunion FAQs

Q) How can I prevent bunions?

A) One of the causes of this bony bump on the side of the big toe is an inherited foot structure prone to the deformity. In this case, you may not be able to fully prevent a bunion, but you may be able to delay its development and progression. Proper footwear can significantly reduce your risk. Alleviate pressure on the big toe joint by avoiding tight, narrow shoes.

Over-pronation (rolling inward of the foot) is another risk factor, because it adds extra stress to the toe joint. Orthotics and arch supports are effective in this case. Lastly, foot exercises that strengthen the feet and toes can combat against bunions. Dr. Tejas Pandya can offer several suggestions if you have existing bunions or know that you are prone to their development.

If you need bunion treatment or further information, please contact our office in Troy, NY at (518) 273-0053 for an appointment today.

Q) Do I need surgery if I have a bunion?

A) A bunion can usually be treated successfully without the need for surgery. There are times, however, when a surgical procedure may be considered as an option. This type of correction is usually reserved for cases when other, non-invasive methods have been ineffective at treating severe pain. It may also be recommended if it has become difficult to walk or perform everyday activities.

When bunion surgery is performed, the goals purely relate to relieving pain and correcting as much of the deformity as possible. It is meant to improve your quality of life, not to provide cosmetic surgery. If you choose this surgery with desire of improving your foot’s appearance or being able to wear smaller shoes, you will likely be disappointed. There is also a risk of the bumps developing again following surgery, especially if you continue to wear high-heeled or narrow shoes.

Surgery is a major decision. Let Dr. Tejas Pandya and the staff of Capital District Podiatry discuss additional treatment options and help determine whether surgery is a realistic choice for you. Call us at (518) 273-0053 or use our online appointment form.

Q) What is a bunionette?

A) Many of our patients know what bunions are, but are not as familiar with a bunionette. Essentially, it is a similar deformity that occurs on the outer edge of the foot and affects the fifth toe, instead of the big one. You can tell if you have this condition when there is an abnormal bump protruding on the outside of your foot at the joint closest to your toes.

We try to treat these bony bumps with conservative, non-surgical methods first. We may have you try wearing roomier shoes, padding your fifth toe, or using custom orthotics that are crafted specifically for your foot. If these treatment options are not enough and you are still encountering pain or discomfort, surgery may be required.

Capital District Podiatry is your source for expert advice, diagnosis, and treatment options for bunions and bunionettes. If you are experiencing foot or ankle issues, contact our Troy or Clifton Park, NY, offices by calling (518) 273-0053. Receive the relief you need today!


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