Clear Fungal Nails with ClearANail®

Unless you’re referring to a fresh coat of nail polish, “colorful” isn’t how you’d want your toenails to be described. Fungal toenails can be unsightly and make you turn red with embarrassment. Yellow, thick and crumbly isn’t exactly attractive! Not to worry, though. If baring your toes gives you the blues, Capital District Podiatry has a clear solution.

There Is a Fungus Among Us

Fungal infections are relentless, entering through even the smallest of abrasions in the nail bed and taking up residence beneath your toenails with gusto. Even if you just stub your toe causing the nail to be lifted ever so slightly – the fungi will be summoned! These infections are stubborn and tough to eradicate — once the fungus takes hold, it is extremely reluctant to leave! Your nail will become cloudy, thickened, brittle, discolored, and may even emit an odor or cause pain. Conventional treatments – like topical polishes and creams – are typically ineffective because they are unable to penetrate the toenail to get to the source of the problem.

However, now there’s the revolutionary ClearANail treatment!

Brighter Days Ahead

Invented by Dr. Rolf Thomas in the Sussex Innovation Centre at Sussex University, and clinically proven, ClearANail is a fully automated approach to treating toenail fungus. Using Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP), tiny holes are made in the nail plate with a fine, miniature drill that can sense when it’s all the way through the nail, so as not to disturb or harm the nail bed nor any surrounding tissues. These microscopic holes greatly increase the effectiveness of medications as they allow much higher concentrations of the topical treatments to make their way through the nail and reach the nail bed beneath, precisely where the fungal infection has taken hold. The procedure is safe, pain-free, efficient, and highly effective, with visible results in just 2 – 8 weeks. Best of all, a single treatment, lasting as little as 20 minutes, is all you need to go from having the blues about your yellow nails to having toenails that make others green with envy!

Clear Sailing: ClearANail Clears Up Fungal Nails Fast!

Find out more about this innovative treatment for fungal toenails by calling Capital District Podiatry today. We will answer any questions you may have and get you on a clear path to clearer nails. Simply use our online contact form or dial (518) 273-0053 to schedule an appointment with either of our offices located in Clifton Park or Troy, NY.

In the meantime, keep these tips in mind to steer clear of toenail fungus in the first place:

  • Never go barefoot in damp, public places like locker rooms or pools
  • Keep feet clean and dry
  • Treat your feet (and shoes!) with anti-fungal sprays or powders
  • Don’t share footwear or towels
  • Make sure pedicure tools are sanitized
  • Trim toenails to be even with the tips of your toes and straight across
  • Look for shoes and socks made of breathable materials
  • Call Capital District Podiatry at the first signs of a fungal infection


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