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Q) What causes claw toe?

A) Claw toe causes are often the same as those for hammertoe and mallet toe, although these three toe deformities have some differences. Claw toe most often affects all four smaller toes. The toes bend up at the base, curl down at the middle joint and then curl again at the end joint—resembling a curved claw.

Wearing tight shoes can lead to this toe problem, as muscles and tendons can tighten and shorten when toes are forced in a bent position for long periods of time. Nerve damage from conditions like diabetes and alcoholism that weaken the muscles in your foot can also make toes curl like this. Other causes include arthritis, poor circulation, injury, and foot structure defects at birth.

Claw toe can progress and become fixed, rigid and painful. Treatment for claw toe is most effective when applied at the onset of symptoms—contact Dr. Tejas Pandya if you are noticing any problems with your toes. Call our office at (518) 273-0053 or visit us online.

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