Why Buddy Tape a Toe?

Why would you buddy tape a toe?

When you sprain or fracture a toe, it needs to stay in proper alignment to heal correctly. Sometimes, in order for that to happen, your toe needs a little extra support from its neighbor. Taping your injured toe to the one next to it – known as buddy taping – can provide the stability your toe needs to stay in position. It also keeps your toe immobilized so it can heal more quickly. Resting, icing and elevating your injury will help the healing process along as well.

You should always put padding between the two toes before you tape them together to protect the skin, and if buddy taping a toe causes pain or irritation, remove the tape and call us for help. You can reach our Troy, NY or Clifton Park office by dialing (518) 273-0053, or you can use our online contact form. We are happy to answer any questions you have and provide the care you need for a speedy recovery!

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