Sports Injuries FAQs

Q) What causes an ankle sprain?

A) An ankle sprain can happen to the best of us—a collision during a sports game, a roll of the ankle in high heels, or stepping down off a step the wrong way. It happens in a moment’s notice and it hurts regardless what degree of a sprain it is. There are ligaments that connect the bones of your ankle joint together; a sprain happens when these ligaments are stretched beyond their natural range of motion.

An inversion sprain is the most common variety and happens when the foot rolls inward and the outside ligaments are stretched or torn. You can also sprain the ligaments on the inside (eversion) and even those above the ankle (high ankle sprain). There are three grades or degrees of severity, but each stage requires the appropriate ankle sprain first aid to ensure successful healing.

If you suspect a sprain or have an old injury that is still causing nagging ankle pain, contact Dr. Tejas Pandya for diagnosis and treatment. We have locations in Troy and Clifton Park, NY—call us at (518) 273-0053 for an appointment today.

Q) How can I tell if I have Sesamoiditis?

A) When foot discomfort arises, it’s usually a sign that something’s wrong and needs your attention. The most common symptom associated with sesamoiditis is pain in the ball of the foot. The sesamoids are two tiny bones embedded in a tendon in the ball of the foot near the big toe joint. Under too much pressure, the tissues around these bones can become irritated and inflamed and the bones themselves can fracture.

If the sports or job-related activities that you’re involved in have you putting a lot of pressure on the balls of your feet that’s creating a lot of pain, then it is possible you have this condition. You may or may not see swelling and bruising and it may be difficult to straighten and bend your big toe.

Early treatment is always best to catch problems before they become worse. Contact Capital District Podiatry so we can find the exact reason for your pain and get you the treatment you need. Call Dr. Tejas Pandya in Troy, NY, at (518) 273-0053.

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