Toe Pain FAQs

Q) What is causing my big toe joint to hurt?

A) When you think about the mechanics of the foot, the big toe has a great responsibility. It is essential for balance and helps propel the body forward while walking.

Pain in your big toe joint could occur for several reasons. If you are physically active or involved in a high impact sport with a lot of running, jumping, starts, and stops, there is a chance the joint has been hyper-extended and sustained a sprain. Wear and tear on the joint over time could result in arthritis in the toe joint, which is a condition called hallux rigidus. A sudden attack of pain could mean a specific type of arthritis called gout. Pain can also result from having bunions, which are bony bumps on the side of your foot due to misalignment of the big toe joint. Inflammation around the sesamoid bones found between the tendons of the big toe can cause discomfort, or your pain could be from an injury that is not healing properly.

It is important to contact us for a proper diagnosis of the pain in your big toe joint. We can provide the specific treatment you need to relieve your symptoms. Contact Dr. Tejas Pandya at our office in Troy, NY at (518) 273-0053 to make an appointment.

Q) What is hammertoe?

A) A hammertoe is an unnatural bend in the middle joint of a toe that remains fixed in that position. This is caused by an imbalance in the muscles and ligaments around the joint, which in itself can be caused by several different factors.

Tight or high-heeled shoes can excessively crowd or stress the toes, resulting in curling. Arthritis or an injury to the joint might might cause the condition to develop. Your genetics could also place you at a higher risk of developing the condition if you have naturally flat feet or high arches.

The affected toe may still be able to bend, but may become immobile over time. Surgery is sometimes needed to correct a toe that has reached this state. A bent toe can also become irritated as it rubs against the top of a shoe. This presents an added danger for those with diabetes or poor circulation who may not be able to feel this damage happening.

Early diagnosis and treatment of hammertoe is important to prevent further trouble down the road. Let Dr. Tejas Pandya and the staff at Capital District Podiatry help. Schedule an appointment at our Troy or Clifton Park offices by calling (518) 273-0053.

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