Troy Night Out happens the last Friday of every month from 5 – 9 pm. Parents can shop, dine, and enjoy a night on the town, typically without their kids in tow. Not all grown-up things are just for grown-ups though. The bulging, bony protrusion of a bunion is typically expected to only occur on adult feet. However, children can get bunions, too — and when they do, it’s much more serious than the adult variety.

Juvenile bunions form mostly due to an inherited foot structure that’s prone to developing the problem, such as flat feet. Don’t be too hard on yourselves though, moms and dads, because the good news is, if you know you might pass on this unfortunate family trait, you can take proactive steps to prevent progression, and that’s key!

Bunions on little kids’ feet need to be treated A.S.A.P. since they have more time to get worse and can cause significant problems later in life. If you notice redness and swelling around your child’s big toe, or he or she complains of pain, or if they seem to lose interest in participating in normal activities, these are all signs that a bunion may be forming. If a bony bump develops on the big toe joint, and your child’s big toe starts drifting toward the others, act fast!

First off, make sure that your kids’ shoes fit correctly, with plenty of room to wiggle their toes. Kids’ feet grow fast, so it’s important to replace shoes regularly. Orthotic inserts are helpful as well. They not only disperse pressure away from the big toe joint, but can also correct structural abnormalities that are aggravating the problem. There are also stretches you can have your child do daily, and splints that hold the toe in the proper position at night. If these conservative methods prove unsuccessful, and your child’s bunion continues to get worse and cause pain, surgery may need to be considered, but only once your little one is done growing.

If you suspect a juvenile bunion is forming on your child’s foot, pay us a visit so we can help you stop the problem before it gets worse. Call for an appointment in Clifton Park or Troy, NY by dialing (518) 273-0053. Then you can call the babysitter and go out on the town without worries (at least about your kids’ feet)!

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