Whether you prefer working out inside at a gym or you’re excited to move your training outside in the nicer spring weather, fungus is among us – there’s no getting around it!

Fungi thrive in warm, damp environments, so that gym locker room you frequent, or that puddle you ran through that soaked your shoes can both be a source of fungal infections – beware!

Athlete’s foot got its name, after all, from the fact that those active in sports tend to spend a lot of time in sweaty, wet shoes and gym showers. This red, itchy rash typically starts between the toes and can spread, get scaly, peel, and even blister. The fungus can eventually take up camp beneath your toenails, too, which brings us to another famous fungal fiend– fungal toenails!

It doesn’t take much for fungus to find its way under your nail – a tiny cut or abrasion is all it needs to take hold. When it does, nails turn yellow, brittle, thickened and distorted. They can even lift from the nail bed and emit a foul odor. Toenail fungus is stubborn and can spread to other toenails as well as other people. So, that towel you borrowed after yoga, or those shower shoes you forgot could be a fungal infection waiting to happen!

The only way to stay clear of the fungus among us, is to be aware of how it can find you and take precautions so it won’t! Keep feet clean and dry, and that goes for your running shoes, too. Never share towels, socks, footwear, or pedicure tools. Finally, be sure to wear shoes in public places like locker rooms, gym showers, saunas, and pools.

If fungus does find you, make an appointment to see us right away so we can help you get rid of the problem as soon as possible. From prescribed medication to our ClearANail treatment, we can eliminate athlete’s foot and fungal toenails fast so you can enjoy the spring fungi-free. You can reach us in Troy or Clifton Park, NY by dialing (518) 273-0053. Don’t fear the fungus among us — we’ve got this!

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