When a sports injury occurs, often the first question asked is, “How bad is it?” One might think that a broken bone is pretty darn bad; however, not all fractures are alike. In fact, there are many variations of fractured bones. A stress fracture is a tiny crack and a little time off may be all that is needed for it to heal, while a compound fracture, on the other hand, will definitely need surgery. That’s why a proper diagnosis of your broken bone is key to receiving the treatment you need!

So, how bad is the break? We will determine the degree of your fracture so you can get on the right road to recovery. Types of broken bones include:

  • Simple (Closed) – the broken bone does not penetrate the skin
  • Compound (Open) – bone breaks through skin and is exposed
  • Stress – a hairline crack
  • Buckled – also known as impacted, this occurs when the ends of bones are driven toward each other.
  • Comminuted – bone breaks into several pieces
  • Greenstick – partial break
  • Avulsion – small piece of bone breaks away from main bone
  • Transverse – bone breaks at a right angle
  • Oblique – fracture is slanted
  • Spiral – occurs due to a twisting force

See what we mean? Your bones can break in a lot of different ways, but there’s only one way to really know “How bad is it?” – Get to our office and let us assess your injury so it can be treated properly and heal correctly! Make an appointment by dialing (518) 273-0053 to reach our offices in Troy or Clifton Park, NY.

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