It’s official – summer is here! It’s finally time to transition from pants to shorts, change from long sleeves to no sleeves, and shun those socks. However, if you’re less than excited because you have flat feet and are worried they will interfere with your summer fun, don’t be stressed! No arches are no problem for Capital District Podiatry to treat.

We can provide you with stretching exercises as well as fit you for custom orthotics. These devices fit inside your shoes and give your arches the support they need, easing pain and improving weight distribution and shock absorbency. Orthotics also correct poor biomechanics that often result from having flat feet. When there is no arch, your foot tends to roll too far inward when you step (overpronation), which can lead to a host of problems. An orthotic shoe insert — custom made to address your unique needs — can hold your foot in proper alignment so you step correctly, and sidestep painful issues. We will take a mold of your feet for exact measurements and make the modifications necessary to create orthotic inserts specifically for you.

Of course, your choice of shoes matter as well. Be sure to opt for footwear that offers plenty of support and cushion — and that goes for sandals, too! Steer clear of flat flip flops and other styles that are unsupportive.

Just because you have no arches, doesn’t mean you’ll have no fun this summer! Avoid painful flat foot problems with the right footwear, a few stretches, and custom orthotics in your shoes. Find out more or make an appointment at our Troy or Clifton Park, NY office by dialing (518) 273-0053.

Let the summer excitement begin!

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