Best friends are always there for each other, right? Well, when bunion pain is bothering you, and your bunion could really use a little help, guess what? You can count on orthotics to save the day!

Sure, they’re typically used to correct biomechanical flaws and hold your foot in proper position, but when orthotics do that, they indirectly help your bunion, too. You see, in order to keep your foot in alignment and provide the support needed to correct structural issues, orthotics redistribute weight more evenly, eliminating the pressure placed upon areas like your big toe joint. No more pressure, no more bunion pain!

Even if you have normal arches and your biomechanics are just fine, you can use custom orthotics to redirect pressure away from your painful protrusion. This not only eliminates your pain, it also puts an end to the constant aggravation from your shoe that was making your bunion worse.

Of course, your bunion has other friends too, including: protective padding, stretches, splints, and footwear with enough wiggle room for your toes.

So, if you want to relieve bunion pain, go ahead and pick out a pair of shoes with a nice wide toe box and low heel. Then make sure to pair them up with a set of orthotics, too. Your bunion will thank you for it!

Make an appointment with our Clifton Park or Troy, NY office at (518) 273-0053 and our friendly staff will be sure to help you out, just like your orthotics do for bunions – hey, what are friends for, right?

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