Whenever you see those gadget commercials on late night TV revealing a host of amazing features, the claims seem pretty far-fetched and hard to believe. However, in the case of custom orthotic inserts, these incredible devices truly can help with a litany of different foot conditions — believe us!

At Capital District Podiatry, we’ve prescribed custom orthotics for everything from heel pain to diabetic ulcers to neuromas – but wait, there’s more! Have a bunion? Orthotics can accommodate toe deformities and avert pressure from the area. Pain in the balls of your feet? Slip some custom orthotics in your shoes to distribute weight more evenly. Overpronation causing you arch pain? You guessed, it – a pair of custom-made orthotics can help with that too! By holding your feet in proper alignment and providing the necessary support for your arch, these super-powered shoe inserts can alter the way you step, correcting the bad biomechanics behind your pain. Presto – the problem is solved!

Sure, they might not slice or dice, but custom orthotics can help with so many foot and ankle problems, including bursitis, tendinitis, flat feet, hammertoes, wounds, and the list goes on! If you are experiencing foot pain of any kind, come see us so we can assess your condition and determine the best course of action–custom orthotics could very well benefit you!

Learn more about what orthotics can do, and find out if they can help you. Schedule an appointment or ask us questions by calling (518) 273-0053 to reach either of our offices in Troy or Clifton Park, NY. We’ll be happy to help!

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