An iconic scene often representing New York is someone feeding pigeons in the park. If you’ve ever done it, you likely noticed the birds’ signature walking style with feet pointed inward. That’s exactly why, when kids walk in a similar way, it’s referred to as being pigeon-toed.

Otherwise known as in-toeing, this condition is actually quite common in children and you’ll be happy to know it’s typically no cause for concern. Thought to occur due to limited space in the womb, feet, and sometimes even leg or hip bones can become twisted, causing the abnormal gait. However, this twisting typically works itself out over time, and bones eventually settle in to their proper position. In other words, children simply outgrow the condition. In these cases, no treatment is necessary.

If the condition doesn’t seem to be going away on its own, or the inward angle is severe, causing tripping or difficulty participating in activities, there are conservative treatment options that can help, including physical therapy and stretches, night splints or braces that hold feet in correct alignment, and orthotic shoe inserts.

If you notice your child in-toeing, schedule a visit with us. We can diagnose the severity of the problem and determine whether treatment is necessary, and if so, which would best benefit your child.

Rest assured – addressing pigeon toes is like a walk in the park! Your child will be running and playing just like any other in no time. Call (518) 273-0053 to make an appointment or use our convenient online contact form.

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