There are all sorts of summer sports camps in the Capital District area – from soccer and baseball to swimming and yoga, whatever your child is interested in, there’s likely a class or club for it! That’s great too, since besides keeping kids active (not to mention out of your hair!), youth sports also teach children teamwork, dedication, perseverance, and more. The only downside is the risk of injury. Not to worry, though. Before you sign your children up for their favorite activities, keep them off the sidelines and in the game with these kids’ sports injuries prevention tips:

Make sure kids have proper equipment. Find out exactly what is needed for protection in your child’s sport and be sure you check everything off the list, including shoes! Footwear needs to fit properly, offer ample cushion and support, and be appropriate for the activity.

Teach children the importance of preparation. Just like adults, children in sports need to warm up properly before activity. Have them incorporate stretches into their routine, and help them make as many practices as possible.

Address problems as soon as they arise. Trying to plow through pain is never a good idea! You risk the problem getting worse, and what may have been a short stint on the sidelines could end up an “out for the season” injury. At the first signs of a problem, come see us so we can determine the best course of action to get your child’s feet healthy and ready to play again.

Think about orthotics. These devices slip into shoes and help with distributing weight evenly, providing necessary support and cushion, and redirecting pressure away from problem areas. Orthotics can help with bad biomechanics and faulty foot structures, too, which may be making your child prone to injury. Don’t wait for a problem to pop up – be proactive and see if orthotics would be appropriate for your child before hitting the field, court, or gym.

Practice good nutrition and hydration. A healthy diet and plenty of water helps young athletes have the fuel they need to perform their best and stay hydrated and healthy.

Follow these guidelines for a smooth season of summer sports fun! For more information on preventing sports injuries in kids, just give us a call and we’d be happy to help! You can reach our Troy or Clifton Park, NY locations by calling (518) 273-0053, or by using our online contact form.

Have a great and safe summer!

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