Spring is almost here, and that means your hibernation is over! It’s time to jump off that treadmill and head outside to enjoy some fresh air and dry pavement! Of course, if you struggle with bunion pain, that might be easier said than done. Bunions have a way of slowing us down, but there are things you can do to slow their progression down instead!  Wear shoes with wide toe boxes, use padding for protection, and do bunion stretches.  That’s right, there are actually stretches to relieve bunion pain. As a bonus, they also help to keep that bony protrusion from getting worse. Here are a few bunion stretches you can try:

Pull – gently pull your big toe away from the others so that it is in proper alignment. Hold it in that position for 10 seconds then repeat.

Flex – press your toes against a wall or other hard surface so that they stay flexed. Hold and repeat.

Curl – curl and uncurl your toes 10 times.

Pick up – use only your toes to pick up marbles off the floor and place them in a bowl. You can also try picking up a towel or dragging it toward you with just your toes.

Resist – loop a resistance band around your big toe, then pull the ends toward you while at the same time pushing your toe away from you.

Okay, now you’re ready to get out there and enjoy the long-awaited Spring weather – don’t let that bunion stop you!

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