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Plantar Wart Prevention

Warts are embarrassing, unsightly, and can even cause pain, but we have some good news for you – these viral growths are generally harmless and will go away on their own in time. Now, “in time” can mean up to a couple of years, so your best course of action is to have...

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March Madness and Injury Prevention

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament—aka, March Madness or the Big Dance—is almost here. Whereas it doesn’t have the snazzy nicknames, the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament tips off right around the same time. That means millions of fans will...

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Understanding Foot and Ankle Health

Capital District Podiatry has a reputation in the local communities for providing first-class care and effective treatment for our patients. In addition to state-of-the-art treatment techniques, we also take pride in providing you with the information you need to...

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How Food Can Help (and Even Prevent) Gout

Even though it is often thought of as a single condition, arthritis has many different forms. For example, the “wear and tear” version that becomes increasingly more likely the older we get is actually osteoarthritis. Many people consider this condition to be...

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Foot Health Resolutions for 2018

If you’ve started working on your resolutions for the upcoming New Year’s holiday, we hope you aren’t forgetting about your feet! Of course, we know it’s easy to take our feet for granted. They do so much for us and the only time we tend to think about them is when...

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Winter Foot Care

You may be tempted to neglect your feet during the colder months. As the saying goes, after all, “out of sight, out of mind.” But just because they are hidden away in your new pair of boots, doesn’t mean you should ignore your feet once the temperature drops. It is...

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Diabetes and Heel Pain

The fact that diabetes causes and contributes to serious foot issues has been well-established within the medical field. When people talk about diabetes in conjunction with foot health, the two big issues frequently discussed are Charcot foot and diabetic foot ulcers....

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